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Dr. Jonathan Sarfati to Present at St. Matthew's!

Does God exist?
Is evolution happening today?
If God is a God of love, why do we suffer and die?

Come and hear Dr Jonathan Sarfati expose the bankruptcy of the evolutionary myth. You'll be amazed to see how weak the scientific evidence for evolution is. This is an issue that affects everyone. Evolution teaches us there is no need for God, there is no spiritual realm, and there is no afterlife.

But the Bible gives a very different picture about the nature of these things. At this presentation, you will learn how the scientific evidence, when properly understood, confirms the details of the biblical account. At the same time, we will answer many of the Big Questions. Invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers and learn how you can defend the faith--with science on your side!

Clicking the image above will download a PDF flyer; please post this wherever you can to get the word out!

Jonathan D. Sarfati is a young Earth creationist and former New Zealand national chess champion. Sarfati has PhD in chemistry and works for Creation Ministries International, a non-profit Christian Apologetics ministry.